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Out-Patient Labs

Stay Ahead Of Medicare Reimbursement Changes

The development of an Out-Patient Based Lab allows vascular surgeons the opportunity to increase practice profitability while improving the quality of care provided.

Many vascular groups recognize the "lop-sided" reimbursement rates between the hospital and the practicing physician actually performing the procedures. Unfortunately, most do not understand how to turn this phenomenon around to increase their own revenues. The first step is to choose a qualified team to assist you and your practice to better understand the process needed.

Physicians that determine operating an Out-Patient Based Lab is the way of the future search out for a management company that will build and operate the center for them, or decide on a construction company that is capable of building the unit with no direct knowledge of the proper equipment and layout that is needed. The major downfall of these options is clear:

  • Management companies get paid upfront and receive a compensation of your earnings throughout a long contracted period of time.
  • Construction companies generally take advantage of charging too much for too little, and when it is all over, you can still be left with completing the overall project.

SPECTRA is not just a construction group or a joint venture company.

SPECTRA is a team that focuses on assisting practices in developing, building, financing and operating a superior Out-Patient Based Lab. Our focus is to help you complete a quality project that benefits both your financial and patient outcome. We do not take your practices assets after completion - this is your practice and it is "YOUR" financial future. We provide a comprehensive service customized to meet the needs of vascular surgeons and will eliminate the need for a long term venture contract from management companies, or the void that is left with incapable construction groups.

SPECTRA provides a complete service from the initial feasibility assessment - design - equipment ordering - through complete construction. Whether you need a small remodel with the appropriate equipment or a complete "turn-key" project Spectra, Inc. is here to assist your needs.

SPECTRA allows clinics and labs the opportunity to increase practice profitability while improving the quality of care provided.

  • 5 year ROI - cost benefit analysis
  • Bank and Accounting support
  • Facility design
  • Architecture - Engineering - Physicists
  • Construction - Construction management
  • All necessary equipment - Furniture
  • Practice - Equipment registrations
  • Complete policy and procedure manuals
  • Inventory par list
  • The long term assurance that Spectra will always be here to assist your practice. We do this for one price to make things easier on the practice