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Development Lease and Financing Options

Unleash Your Financial Potential!

Looking for financing to build your new OBL? Search no longer. SPECTRA can get the right financing for you. Call SPECTRA to get the development, lease or financing package you are looking for.

The advantages of choosing SPECTRA as your Development / Lease Company:

  • Determines the Appropriate Area
  • Perform Land Availability Studies
  • Appropriates Land to Building Size
  • Determines Building Square Footage including Necessary Parking
  • Zoning Regulations / Restrictions
  • Researches Utilities such as City Water/Sewer, Gas, Electric, Cable
  • Dirt Feasibility – SPECTRA helps to Determine Whether the Property is cost Efficient
  • Provide Competent Architects and Engineers
  • Complete Working Drawings
  • Acquire all Necessary Permits with the City, Township, and State
  • Build the Facility
  • Provide a Triple Net Lease that can be based on Back to Back 5-7 or 10 plus years Terms
  • Offer Buy In or Buy Back Options at Fair Market Value

There are several different options that can be customized to revolve around your business. Whether it is upgrading a current facility, or the start of a new venture, SPECTRA is there for YOU.

SPECTRA Lease and Financing Options